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Widgetable: Adorable Screen

Widgetable: Adorable Screen

1.6.041 geliştirici Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd.
(0 İncelemeler) Mart 07, 2024
Widgetable: Adorable Screen Widgetable: Adorable Screen Widgetable: Adorable Screen Widgetable: Adorable Screen Widgetable: Adorable Screen Widgetable: Adorable Screen

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Mart 07, 2024
Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd.
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Widgetable provides trending widgets for your phone screen, including pet widgets, plant widgets, social widgets for friends and couples, mood bubbles. Widgetable makes your screen adorable!

Pet Widget & Co-parenting, is a mobil uygulama that lets you raise cute pets on your home screen. These virtual pets will be your loyal friends, randomly sharing moments of their lives to make you smile. It is important to take care of them regularly to keep them clean and happy. You can also team up with your friends or partner for co-parenting and raise pets together!

Mood Bubbles is another feature of this app, where you can pour different colored potions into a bubble to represent your current mood. This allows you to create colorful mood bubbles for each day, reflecting your emotions.

The Plant Widget allows you to grow and nurture your own plants on your home screen. There is a variety of species to choose from, including flowers, green plants, and fruits. You can decorate your unique garden once your plants have matured.

You can also connect with your loved ones through social widgets like the Distance Widget, which shows you the real-time distance between you and your friends or partner. The Status & Moods widget displays your loved one's latest status, allowing you to give a virtual hug on the home screen when they are feeling down. With the Notes Widget, you can leave cute notes on your friends' or partner's home screens. The Miss You Widget shows the number of times you miss your loved ones, and you can tap the "Miss You" button to express your love every time you miss them.

The app aims to help people express their emotions and love to each other and bring them closer. The social widgets are designed to help people stay connected with their loved ones and improve their relationships.

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*Uygulama içerisindeki [Distance Widget] için konum izni istenmektedir, böylece diğer kişinin nerede olduğunu her zaman bilebilirsiniz.

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